A bacteriophage-based, highly efficacious, needle and adjuvant-free, mucosal COVID-19 vaccine

The authors are moving toward further development to advance this world class (nasal spray) vaccine technology.


The next logical step, will be ‘challenge’ in non-human Primates?

Approximately 100 million Americans have contracted Coronavirus (components) either through vaccination or natural infection.

LONG-COVID: One-in-three have complained that they are ‘just not right’ … so you may be able to think of this (nasal spray) T4 Phage construction as a “Therapeutic”,  as well as prevention. 

Reminder, that reports regarding the Pfizer “Paxlovid” antiviral pill, seems to allow regeneration/less kill rate of the resident CoV (soon after completing the course of 10 pills), which is very disappointing. Only 20 million courses were purchased. It takes 8 months to make a pill,  according to reporting. 

Generally people do not like needles (better compliance is needed); delivery in the US Mail; stable at room temperature; team is working on cGMP; may prove less shedding; may prove fewer re-infections; deserves T Cells distribution in various  important tissues analysis; rapid turnaround times, as virulent types are discovered; moduler & flexibility, built in. 

Random CoV variant waves are presenting every 4 to 6 months.  We see no end to this reality. 

Also, Government wants a   UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE …. https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-AI-22-013.html

The same vaccine platform can serve as prevention vs many different diseases; simply exchange the antigens/epitopes.

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PhageVax, Inc.

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